Aquatic Classes

One of the most unique features of the Pieters Family Life Enter is the state-of-the-art HydroWorx 2000 pool. The Life Center has a variety of aquatic-based fitness classes focused on health and healing for people with chronic disease or pain.

“Aquatic exercise reduces pain and helps improve joint range of motion while strengthening and relaxing muscles,” said Barb Cacia, wellness coordinator at the Pieters Family Life Center. “The buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees, ankles, and hips- especially for people recuperating from knee or hip replacements.”

Kathy Sawicki, who participates in aqua fitness, agrees that her wellness has improved by using the HydroWorx pool. “I have experienced more flexibility, an ease of joint pain and have found improved strength and mobility.”

And Mary Schwab, who also uses the pool, has seen benefits in other areas of her life as well. “I feel I have improved my physical wellness and therefore have benefited from the emotional and spiritual aspects of living a fuller, more active lifestyle.”

Class List

Step It Up Notch! 
"Step it up a notch" and challenge yourself for interval training in our Hydroworx 2000 pool with underwater treadmill. This class is great for the serious runners looking for low impact training and for walkers looking for something a little more challenging than our water walking classes.
 Level 1: Interval Walk
In this class participants will walk through interval segments that will alternate from challenging speeds to cool down speeds and back to challenging speeds again. You will get a great cardio work out as well as improve your endurance and muscle strength. 
Level 2: Interval Run
Are you looking to change up your training program? Water running in the pool is a great way to cross train specific to your running program. Step off the pavement and into our 89 degree pool for a great alternate, low impact workout!

This 30 minute class focuses on stretching, strengthening and endurance to improve standing balance. The water provides a safe environment by providing additional body support and ease of movement. This class is taught by a Pieters Family Life Center physical therapist.
Back Hab
If you have back pain or are just getting discharged from physical therapy for back pain, then this is the class for you. Learn lumbar stabilization exercises to strengthen core muscles in the therapy pool. This class is taught by Pieters Family Life Center physical therapists.

Aqua Fitness
Enjoy gentle exercises that will help improve joint range of motion while strengthening and relaxing muscles.

Got Knee/Hip Pain?
Feel the warmth of the hydrotherapy pool while you stretch and strengthen your muscles. As the class title suggests, this is geared towards those with knee and hip pain. Great for those preparing for or recovering from a knee or hip replacement surgery.

Oh, My Achy Body!
If you have unresolved pain from arthritis, an accident or chronic pain condition, this is the class for you. Come and experience the healing power of warm water while you increase muscle strength, balance and endurance. This class is especially helpful to those who are preparing for knee or hip replacement surgery or for those who ahe been discharged from physical therapy and need to continue a therapeutic exercise program.

* This class will utilize the pool at School of the Holy Childhood at 100 Groton Parkway, Rochester, NY 14623

Aquatic Exercise
This type of exercise helps build strength and stamina with a minimal amount of discomfort while reconditioning joints and managing pain. This class includes a warm up period, a focus on strength, endurance and flexibility and a cool down period.

Deep Water Exercise
This class provides non-weight bearing exercises with use of multi-directional resistance. Interested participants should feel comfortable in deep water, be able to float on their back and tread water. All participants will wear floatation belts, which are provided.

For a list of aquatic class days and times, please CLICK HERE
Have any questions about these classes or our Hydroworx 2000 therapy pool? Please contact us at or (585) 487-3500. We look forward to talking with you!


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