Congratulations to the 2013 GOALS team! We had a great season and look forward to getting together in 2014.


The Pieters Family Life Center, along with the Rochester Rhinos, have been pleased to present GOALS -- Giving Opportunities to Athletes who Love Soccer. GOALS provides an opportunity for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, as well as their siblings, friends and family members to play soccer with professional athletes while being part of a supportive and fun soccer community.
Tyler Bellamy, a Rochester Rhinos player and GOALS coach said, “My teammates and I really enjoy being a part of the GOALS program. It's great to share my love of soccer with others and, more importantly, its great to make new friends. When we're playing in a game we love to see GOALS team members cheering for us in the stands.” While GOALS is a fun and supportive soccer community.
The focus of GOALS is less on soccer skill development and more on the experience of being part of a team. We believe in the importance of relationships and think soccer is a great way to bring people together. During each GOALS night there will be soccer skill drills and small sided games as well as time for fellowship and fun.

In 2013, GOALS was held June-August at Sahlen’s Stadium, home of the Rochester Rhinos.

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